The light at the end of the tunnel, is well worth the journey it took to get there.

Welcome to 'The Tattooed Counsellor'

Have you become stuck in life, not knowing which way to turn next or who you can talk to ?

Is life feeling something like this ?

  • Overwhelming.
  • Relationships strained or breaking down.
  • Became difficult to voice or understand what you need.
  • Feeling down on edge or simply feel confused.

When we feel like this everything seems really heavy and sad.  Our problems may seem all mixed up, and growing bigger and unmanageable day by day.

It could be that past experiences are impacting on us again.  It may be that something new is causing you confusion in the present.

Maybe you would like someone to talk too and support you whilst exploring what may be going on and your options,

  • Explore what the problems or issues are.
  • Examine the options, and what other possible choices there are.
  • To find awareness and understand what changes may need to happen. 

When things are going wrong in our lives, sometimes it may be very difficult to talk about this with family or friends, for fear of judgement, being a burden, or maybe we just simply don't want to. 

Being human means that relationships are an important part of our lives. From birth we need to attach to survive and develop, therefore we all have a drive to belong. Our relationships can bring us huge amounts of happiness and fulfillment, but when they go wrong it can feel like everything is just falling apart.

I work with individuals to improve communication, relationships, self-esteem, self-awareness, reconnecting people to themselves and those around them and ultimately empowering clients to live their best life.

It takes courage to come into counselling and simply by visiting this page you are already showing the strength to take those first steps that have probably been nagging at you for a while now.

So, if any of this resonates with you, then you are in the right place......

Contact Barry Today......

But I feel in crisis......

If though, right now, you feel that you may harm yourself, help is immediately available. You don't have to struggle alone. Apart from phoning your GP or 999 there are other sources of help out there, such as:

The Hub Of Hope - Google this website and enter your postcode. All the support services in your area will appear.

Samaritans - Tel: 116123, Open 24 hours.

CALM (for men) - 0800 555858 from 5 pm - midnight every day.

Papryus (for people under 35) - 0800 0684141. Mon - Fri 10 am to 10 pm, weekends 2 - 10 pm, Bank Holidays 2 - 5 pm. Text 07786 209697 or email

Childline (for under 19s) - 0800 11 11. The number won't show up on the bill.

TIC+ information and support for young people aged ( 9 - 21 ).

The Silverline (for older people) - 0800 4708090.

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