Strength does not come from winning.  Your struggles develop your strengths.  When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender.  That is strength.

Adults Counselling.

As an adult the choice to take yourself into counselling is possibly the most courageous and personal one that you may ever make.

We will all, inevitably, at some point in our lives experience situations and emotions that we cannot make sense of.  It's at times like these where talking to others can help.  For many we can rely on our friends and family to be there in such times, but there are also times when we feel we can not talk to those closest to us.  It is in these times when counselling can help.

I offer a space that is independent to everyone and everything that may already be in your life, a warm safe and confidential space for you to explore, reflect and talk about any such difficulties or worries that may be happening in your life.  I will always allow you to go at your own pace and to bring what ever you wish to talk about during each session. 

Through the sessions we will work together to gain a better understanding and awareness of yourself and your problems.  In doing this, you are better equipped to find the strength (that is sometimes hard to find) to unravel such difficulties and have a clearer view to moving forward in your life.

I am open to working with what ever you feel you would need to bring to counselling, and working ethically, if I feel my service would not support you, I would instead help you to find more suitable support for your required needs, and I would continue to be happy to support you in the interim if it was required.  

Areas of counselling I work with:

  • Abuse
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Family Breakdown & Family Court Disputes.
  • Loneliness
  • Low Self-Confidence
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Relationship Problems
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Sexuality / Identity
  • Stress / Worry
  • Suicidal Thoughts & Feelings
  • Trauma Related Experiences
  • Work-Related Issues & Pressures