Residential Care Training & Counselling Support

I also offer training for residential children homes.  After working in the industry for over 15 years as a Residential Care Worker, Senior and a Deputy Manager, I learnt a lot about the interactions with both the young people and staff teams.  

Together with my counselling training I offer opportunities for care homes and their staff to explore and better understand:

  1. The impact and effects of trauma in care.
  2. Listening skills and a pro-active approach.
  3. Understanding of the hidden communication.
  4. The importance of self-care.

I also offer a counselling service for the young people in residential care.  An opportunity for the young people to have a confidential space away from the care home.  A safe space in which they can explore what ever may be occurring for them away from the entire care umbrella.  

I also offer counselling for Residential Care Staff.  I understand the complexities of working in a care home, the day to day encounters that can at times be overwhelming.  The pressures of working with complex behaviours of the children and young people.  The positive and not so positive interactions of working with fellow colleagues.  Again I offer a safe, warm, confidential and non-judgmental  space in which you can explore your feelings and gain understanding and awareness into what ever may be happening for you.